The Nordic Job Board

The Nordic Job Board was created for a single client – Nordic Staff.

Normal multilingual job boards did not produce the quantity or quality of candidates needed and that led to the creation of this specialist job board for them.

Why are Nordics so hard to find?

Numbers, technology, culture and opportunities.

There are circa 70,000 folk of all Nordic nationalities in the UK.
That includes people of all ages inc. children and students. This number has steadily decreased since the 2008 recession with Norway becoming the destination of choice thereafter.
You can find links to population figures on the FAQ page.

Those Nordics that are in the UK can, due to modern technology, watch home TV channels and read local news on their devices.
Our research also shows search settings in browsers are often set to home countries.
So it is very difficult for traditional, UK based, advertising to win a share of their attention. In fact, your advertising may well be invisible to your target audience.

Due to cultural reasons, job boards and similar technologies are not as important as in the UK. This is due to a combination of factors including distrust of privacy and security options.

There are many opportunities for Nordics in the UK and only a small percentage of them include working in their home language and that is why Employers need so many recruitment options to be successful in this language group.

Reach thousands of job seekers

Our candidate attraction strategy has always leveraged our personal connections with, and deep knowledge of, the Nordic zone.

Since 2005 we have built our brand using our connections with Nordic centres of higher education, Government organisations and, most importantly, a social media strategy that ensures candidates are aware of us before they need our services.

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