Q. Germany and Holland are not Nordic countries so why are they part of the Nordic Job board?

A. They are not. However, most employers who have a Nordic team will embed that team in the Northern Europe team. Therefore employers looking for Nordics usually need Dutch and Germans.

Q. You say that there is a shortage of Nordic speakers in the UK – how many are there?

A. The shortage has been caused by two factors in the last 10 years. Firstly many more UK based International businesses support the Nordics from the UK and secondly, immigration from the Nordics has slowed since the Norwegian economy started its recent boom. So demand has increased whilst supply has decreased.

Follow this link for data on population numbers.

Q. What difference will Brexit make to the opportunities available?

A. We do not know yet. Our Brexit article is quite detailed and will be kept up to date.

Q. Who can advertise on the Nordic Job Board?

A. Employers that are advertising for positions within their organisations and companies that are contracted to manage recruitment on behalf of Employers.

Q. If I upload my CV, who can see it?

A. You and us (Nordic Staff Ltd). Employers can’t see it unless you apply for a job. We may contact you if we think you would be interested in a job that we need to fill.